Winddancer Studios

"Dancing is Dreaming with Your Feet"

2017 Summer Schedule
Session- June, July, August

Call to Register your Child & check class availability


4PM:       3-5 YR Ballet & Tap* CK

5PM:       5-7 YR Adv. Ballet & Tap CK

6PM:       8-12 YR Hip Hop CK

7PM:       Teen Hip Hop CK


9:15 AM: 2-3 YR Baby Ballerinas TR

10AM:    2-3 YR Baby Ballerinas TR

4PM:      5-7 YR Ballet & Tap TR

5PM:      3-4 YR Ballet & Tap* TR

6PM:      4-5 YR Ballet & Tap* TR

7PM:      Teen Jazz TR

8PM:      Company TR



10AM:   2-3 YR Baby Ballerinas TR

4PM:     3-5 YR Hip Hop* CK

5PM:     5-7 YR Hip Hop CK

6PM:     8-12 YR Cheer & Tumbling CK

7PM:     8-12 YR Ballet & Tap CK

8PM:     Adult Ballet CK


3:30PM: 2-3 YR Baby Ballerinas TR

4PM:     5-7 YR Jazz TR

5PM:     Flexibility & Stretching TR

6PM:     8-12 YR Jazz TR

7PM:     Adult Sassy Jazz TR


10AM:  2-3 YR Baby Hip Hoppers CK

10:30 AM: 3-4 YR Ballet & Tap* CK


10AM: Mommy & Me Ballet Fittness (2 and under) HB

10:30 AM: Competition Prep KC

*45 min. class

Baby Ballerina classes are 30 min

TR- Tristin Richardson

CK- Casey Kleeman

KC- Kristen Cramer

HB- Heidi Brown