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Class Schedule

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phone: 720-940-9834

Current Schedule 

August 2023 - May 2024


Studio A

4:15-5pm:   Ballet/Tap I

5-6pm:      Jazz/Lyrical I

6-7pm:      Jazz/Lyrical II


Studio B

4:15-4:45pm:   Baby Ballerinas

4:45-5:30pm:  Pre-Ballet/Tap 

6-7pm:           Jazz/Lyrical III 


Studio A

4-5pm:           Ballet/Tap II

5-5:45pm:       Ballet/Tap I

5:45-6:30pm:   Ballet/Tap I



Studio B

4:15-5pm:       Pre Ballet/Tap

5-5:30pm:      Baby Ballerinas

5:30-6:15pm:   Pre-Ballet/Tap

6:15-7pm:       Pre-Pointe I 



Studio A

4:15-5pm:   Jazz/Lyrical I

5-6pm:      Ballet/Tap II

6-7pm:      Pre-Pointe II


Studio B

4:15-5pm:       Pre Ballet/Tap

5:15-5:45pm:   Hippity Hop

6:45-7:30pm:  Hip Hop I


Studio A

5-6pm:  Mini Competition Team

6-7pm:  Junior Competition Team


Studio A

10-11am:  Competition Team Open Rehearsal




Studio B

9-9:30am: Baby Ballerinas 

9:30-10:15am:  Pre-Ballet/Tap    





Studio B

5-6pm:  9 Yr. & Older - Leaps, Turns, Flexibility    

6-6:45pm:  8 Yr & Under - Leaps, Turns, Flexibility     



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